What we do

CSO Development

The NDA strengthens the capacities of civil society organisations working with poor communities, in line with its primary and secondary mandates. This in turn benefits poor communities who rely on CSOs to help speed up development and service delivery through implementation of anti-poverty strategies and programmes that improve the livelihoods of beneficiary communities.

Civil Society Organisations Development

The CSO Development Programme is the NDA’s overarching programme through which the Agency strives to strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs) to effectively and efficiently provide services to the poor communities that they serve.

The Agency recognizes that CSOs are development actors that contribute to economic, social and democratic development to achieve the shared goals of eradicating poverty and improving the lives of beneficiary communities.

To this effect, the NDA serves as a catalyst to harness the efforts of CSOs through its CSO Development Programme which is anchored on the following four interventions:

Through the NDA CSO development framework, the NDA facilitates and sup-ports CSO formalisation process to ensure that organisations existing in different forms can be assisted to grow and be formalised.

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The CSOs’ institutional strengthening intervention is aimed at building and institutionalising organisational capabilities of CSOs to respond to their programmatic needs and compliance to registration requirements and reporting requirements to funders.

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Grant funding is provided to CSOs that contribute towards the improvement of the quality of life in communities through programmes or projects that assist the poor. Financial and non-financial resources are identified and mobilised to support NPOs and CSOs.

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A sustainable CSO is one that can continue to fulfil its mission over time and, in doing so, meets the needs of its key stakeholders – particularly its beneficiaries and supporters.

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The programme focuses on conducting research and evaluations that inform national development agenda. In addition, the research programme creates platforms for debates and dialogues between the state organs, private sector and the CSO sector on issues relating to national development policies.

The research programme also produces publications on best practices to promote sharing of lessons and good practices in the social development sector. These are in the form of:

  • Case studies which provide information on how to improve implementation of NDA programmes and interventions to CSOs
  • Policy briefs are used to influence  debate and engagement on development policy affecting the CSO sector
  • Research reports that inform planning, implementation and innovation of development programmes in the CSO sector
  • Evaluation reports on projects and programmes implemented by the NDA.