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Minister of social development conducts oversight on national development agency gender based violence interventions and volunteer programmes in cape town

Posted in Stories on 10 February 2021

Cape Town, 10 and 11 February 2021: The Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, conducted oversight visits in Manenberg and Mfuleni to monitor progress and impact of NDA grants to support gender based violence (GBV) interventions, income generation and NDAs volunteer programme (VP).

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted community-based food relief operations. NDA introduced the volunteer programme to assist with household food distribution, assist persons in applying for the SRD R350 grant and assist with queue management at SASSA offices during the hard lockdown.  22 civil society organisations (CSOs) partnered with the NDA were asked to recruit and employ 228 volunteers from communities across the province to implement a comprehensive programme that also included awareness and preventive screening interventions to reduce the spread and number of deaths due to the pandemic. The NDA volunteer programme was effectively utilised recently to manage the long queues at SASSA offices following the Minister’s initial visit. There has been a huge reduction in mass gatherings and the Covid-19 safety protocols are now in place allowing for the smooth and safe flow of traffic. 

Noting the alarming increase in domestic and gender based violence incidents during the lockdown, the NDA has funded CSOs that provide direct prevention and support services to victims of violence. To date 23 gender based violence CSOs have been funded to the tune of  R2 950 000,00.

 “The NDA’s mandate is to partner with CSOs in development interventions. The volunteer programme has enabled an extension and adaptation of their work within townships and rural areas in all 52 districts of the country due to the Covid 19 pandemic. This is in line with the District Development Model which aims to improve coherence and impact of government service delivery in all 264 municipalities across the country” says Minister Zulu.

The GBV programmes are able to identify, refer and offer rehabilitation support to GBV victims - directly from households, police stations and clinics which brings services closer to those that need protective services. Further to this they conduct community education and advocacy in all local languages to raise awareness of support services available.

Mhani Gingi, based at the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children (SBCWC) in Manenberg focuses on food security interventions among people with disabilities and abused women in the Cape Flats. Their vegetable gardens were a source of food during lockdown, as communities were fed through soup kitchen that they support. Through funding from NDA 69 people will benefit, 27 direct and 42 indirect beneficiaries. The 20 direct beneficiaries are recruited within the SBCAWC, each is provided with a space saver gardening starter kit with skills training and mentoring towards an income generating enterprise after a 6-month engagement. The programme employs 7 permanent employees. Mhani Gingi has been awarded an NDA grant of R337 676,81 to purchase soil additives (fertiliser and compost), seeds, irrigation infrastructure, three growing tunnels, fencing and 20 vegetable garden start up kits.

Gwebza Multi-Purpose Primary Cooperative, in Mfuleni, leads Covid 19 preventative interventions in Mfuleni, Kraaifontein and Wallacedene. During the lockdown they adapted services to produce face masks and other PPE.

“The NDA’s role in assisting CSOs is not limited to funding, we train and we link income generating projects to opportunities and markets. Our model is comprehensive, from mobilising and registration we walk organisations through the funding process and ensure their sustainability. Gwebza Cooperative has to date generated an income of R 943 000  from providing affordable, quality school gear to seven surrounding schools, made possible by NDA who linked the co-op to school uniform projects. Our portfolio approach allows for government funds to flow within poor communities and provide a sustainable income to our beneficiaries” says Mrs Thamo Mzobe, Chief Executive Officer of National Development Agency.

Mrs Linda Baleni of Gwebza Cooperative said that they are pleased with the support received from government, “jobs are scarce and this is all we have to make ends meet”. The Gwebza Cooperative has been granted an NDA grant of R 341 550.00 to purchase a 4-head embroidery machine to improve their product range.


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