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The National Development Agency to host a Public Dialogue to present findings on ‘’Civil Society Funding Mechanisms in South Africa’’ Research Study.

Posted in Stories on 25 August 2021

The National Development Agency (NDA) commissioned a research study on ‘’Civil Society Sector Funding Mechanisms” for the Civil Society Organisations (CSO) sector. The NDA’s primary mandate contained in its Act, is to contribute towards the eradication of poverty and its causes by granting funds to CSOs for the purposes of carrying out projects or programmes aimed at meeting development needs of poor communities; and strengthening the institutional capacity of other CSOs involved in direct service provision to poor communities.

In addition to the above mandate, the NDA is required to promote consultation, dialogue and sharing of development experience between the CSO sector and relevant organs of state; debate on development policy and undertake research and publication aimed at providing the basis for development policy.
The NDA commissioned Babhuti projects to conduct a research study with the main resolve of understanding the funding mechanisms used in funding of the CSO sector in South Africa; and to explore legislative and policy options that can effectively respond to current challenges and failures while providing guidance to the sector on policy, regulations and legislation.

It is with this background that NDA will, on Thursday, 26 August 2021, host a virtual public dialogue to present insights from the NDA’s “Civil Society Funding Mechanisms in South Africa” (NDA, 2020). Findings that may be of interest for debate include - lack of CSO funding policy framework, as well as the duties and powers of NDA to act as a key conduit for funding from the government of South Africa, foreign governments and other national and international donors vis-a-vis development work to be carried out by the CSO sector which is not put to effective use to lay down policy and regulatory frameworks for CSO funding in South Africa.

The Public Dialogue aims to:

  • Present the findings of the research and recommendations to the CSO, government and the business sectors given their critical role in supporting the CSO sector in a coherent and integrated manner;
  • Provide an overview perspective of the current CSO sector funding mechanisms in South Africa; and
  • Draw a road map for the sector based on research and experiences on how the sector can lead the process of designing and developing national comprehensive CSO funding mechanisms that are acceptable and working for the sector.

The public dialogue will be hosted live on Zoom, and registration will be required beforehand.

Webinar Registration - Zoom

Members of the media are invited to cover and attend the public dialogue scheduled as follows: Date: Thursday, 26 August 2021 Venue: Livestream via Zoom

Time: 10h00-13h00
Media can RSVP and send media enquiries to Mr Lonwabo Ganelo on 073 295 0547 or e-mail: