Annual Performance Plans

Annual Performance Plan 2015/2016

01 January 2015

The National Development Agency (NDA) since the beginning of its operations positioned it self as a grant funding Agency for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) on behalf of government as part of its response to alleviate poverty. The NDA has realised that its focus on CSOs project grant funding model and conducting capacity building interventions for CSOs as its operation model - which was relevant at the time - has become less and less effective to deal with the current challenges and demands facing the civil society sector and the government in general. The NDA as the only government agency mandated to be a conduit between all organs of state and the civil society sector is reformulating itself to facilitate, coordinate and provide an enabling environment for the civil society sector to better contribute towards ensuring active participation of the sector in meeting the National Development Plan (NDP) goals. The South African social, economic and development policy environment on how to deal with poverty, inequality and unemployment - the triple challenges - has been rapidly changing over the years due to the dynamic nature of South Africa development trajectory to respond to these challenges. The Government has introduced a number of policy and programme frameworks to keep up with the changing nature of society and communities. The NDA as a national development entity has to keep pace with these changes in all aspects of its operations and focus so that it remains relevant and contributory to the current development agenda of the country.