Annual Reports

Annual Report 2008/2009 (Financials)

31 March 2009

This report is presented in terms of Treasury Regulation 28.1.1, the Public Finance Management Act, Act No. 1 of 1999, as amended, and is focused on the financial results and financial position of the National Development Agency. Information pertaining to the National Development Agency’s state of affairs, its business and performance against pre-determined objectives are disclosed elsewhere in the annual report. The prescribed disclosure of emoluments in terms of Treasury Regulation 28.1.1 is reflected in note 11 of the annual financial statements.

The Board acknowledges that it is responsible for the preparation and integrity of the annual financial statements and related information included in the annual report. In order for the Board to discharge these responsibilities, as well as those bestowed on it in terms of the Public Finance Management Act and other applicable legislation, it has developed, and maintains a system of internal controls.