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Custoda Trust

This ECD trust is located at Francis Baard municipality in the Northern Cape.
01 September 2012

The Custoda ECD Trust is a registered public benefit organization in terms of the income tax act and was established in 1993. It is located in Ulco in the Francis Baard municipality of the Northern Cape province. It provides training, support and advice in the field of early childhood development and community skills development by providing accredited qualifications, skills courses and programmes aimed at enhancing the individuals and organizational capacity. Custoda Trust received funding from the National Development Agency to train 80 ECD practitioners to attain a formal level 4 ECD qualification accredited by the ETDP seta.

The project has a policy of learning and career– pathing; which means that potential students are encouraged and assisted to advance their qualifications beyond the level 4. In addition to the improved quality of ECD teaching, the project also provides added exit benefits to the participants who graduate with a formal qualification in the education sector.