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Modimola Farm Cooperative

From the best community builder award winner in 2007 and 2008 abandoned and vandalised structures.
01 January 2013

The site visit to Modimola farm Enterprise Cooperative took place on Wed 23rd January 2013. The project was not in operation or functioning during the visit, In short, the project is not active. Interviews were conducted at the project site with project beneficiaries, board members which are from the Department of Agriculture and the Local Chief of the Modimola village.

Modimola Farming Enterprise Cooperative is located in Modimola village which is approximately 30km west of Mafikeng town in the North West Province. The project was established in 2006 by the office of the Premier of North West Province in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Public Works. The main aim of the project was to provide the community of Modimola with a commercial farming enterprise, through which, jobs could be created for unemployed community members.