Evaluation Reports

Molo Songololo

Close-out Evaluation Report
23 August 2018

Molo Songololo is an organisation that was established in 1979 with the intention and aim of promoting and protecting the rights of all children. The organization was founded by the United Nation’s International Year of the Child Initiative in response to the recognised need that children have with regards to the special need of care and protection based on their individual needs, capacity and interests. The program was established with the aim and intention of providing children with the opportunity to interact with one another through dialogue and to empower children with regards to their rights and responsibilities. This is based on the belief that the one should value the views and opinions of children who are active role-players, specifically within their families, schools and communities. In addition, the programme aims to promote non-discrimination and breakdown barriers of apartheid that continue to play an influential role within South African Society. Molo Songololo continues to be recognized as a leading participant in the area of child rights and protection of children in South Africa. As a registered non-profit organization, Molo Songololo relies on funds, donations and non-monetary support from individuals, donor organizations and foundations, corporate business, government and international agencies.