Strategy Documents

Strategic Plan 2010/2013 c

01 November 2013

The NDA supports projects that demonstrate integrated, holistic, comprehensive and sustainable approach to poverty eradication based on the following criteria: • Effectiveness: The extent to which a project may achieve its stated objectives and other socially desirable outcomes. • Poverty Impact: the potential demonstrable impact of the project in improving the quality of life of poorer communities and individuals, such as jobs created and income generated. • Sustainability: The effectiveness, efficiency, ownership, viability and productivity of the project within the constraints it faces such as funding, staffing and others. • Replicability: The potential value of the project in informing new ideas and good practices or poverty eradication programme. • Partnership: Leverage funds to optimize NDA funds, extend capacity, enhance image and improve impact. • Model of best practice: The extent to which a methodology is tried and tested to deliver results in the best possible way. • Potential to become a centre of development in a community. • Institutional capacity to execute the projects