Strategy Documents

Strategic Plan 2011/2016

01 January 2011

This Strategic Plan has been informed primarily by the legislative requirements as set out in the National Development Agency Act 108 of 1998, government priorities, key outcomes and strategies. The Plan accordingly follows the NDA legislative mandate as set out in Section 3 (1) of the Act:

PRIMARY MANDATE 1. Contribute towards the eradication of poverty and its causes by granting funds to civil society organisations for the purposes of: (a) carrying out projects or programmes aimed at meeting development needs of poor communities; and (b) strengthening the institutional capacity of other civil society organisations involved in direct service provision to poor communities.

SECONDARY MANDATE 2. To promote: (a) consultation, dialogue and sharing of development experience between civil society organisations and relevant organs of the state; (b) debate on development policy; and (c) undertake research and publications aimed at providing the basis for development policy.