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Women and Youth in Agriculture Cooperative - 80% of the members are youth and women.
01 September 2013

WAYCO was started as a close corporation in 2006 and later registered as a cooperative in 2009. The cooperative is managed by seven founding members that started this project as a back yard garden that later evolved into a larger scale farming cooperative. The cooperative is operating on a 9, 7 hectares of arable land. The cooperative is based in Matsulu in Mobombela local municipality. WAYCO is 100% black owned and 80% of the members are youth and women entrepreneurs with knowledge in farming business.

The cooperative uses underground irrigation system for watering their crops, and the irrigation system is getting water from the nearby river. The cooperative grows seven types of vegetables in their 9, 7 hectares farm which are: cabbage, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, Okra and tomatoes. The cooperative does all the work in the farm; ploughs, sows, grows and harvest when the crops are ready.