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CSO Consultation and Dialogues

The aim of this section of the framework is to guide NDA staff on the basic methodology which will assist in approaching CSOs dialogue/consultation at local level, in a way that will set up the major motivation requirements of the all Actors participating in CSOs mobilisation process.

This pillar forms part of the CSO Development Programme - Click here for more detail

Identity - Whoever might the CSOs be, under whose responsibility and guidance, an organised effort of local consultation process will be carried out. It is necessary that the CSOs should have a form, an identity, and a structure, which will ensure its credibility. This identity could be described as CSOs mobilisation process.

The degree of representation/involvement of the various categories of CSOs and other external support actors in the consultation process, will determine the outcome and activities to which they can affect the improvements of the CSOs image in the local community and stakeholders.

This process should remain an official instrument, in which anyone interested should participate equally and which will motivate the local CSOs and community leaders of all related categories and sectors. The motivation to participate in the consultation or dialogue process must have a collective interest and not a “momentary one,” limited to just a few meetings without ensuring continuance and sustainability.

Amongst major requirements for such kind of sustainability rank:

  • Effective local publicity
  • Stability of the CSOs and individuals participating in the working groups
  • Official and declared support of everyone involved
  • A wider agenda of local interest and development agenda