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Tfutfukani Brick Making Cooperative

Located in Mbombela municipality of Mpumalanga, the cooperative produces 10 000 SABS approved bricks a day.
01 January 2013

Tfutfukani is a brick making cooperative which is strategically placed at the heartland of developing areas and nearby Nelspruit which is the economic hub of the region. Tfutfukani Bricks Making is under the Mbombela Municipality which is situated within the Lowveld sub-region of the Mpumalanga Province. Tfutfukani was started in 2005 by six members that were brought together by Mrs. Mavuso after she was retrenched from a clothing factory. The cooperative was legally registered in 2005 but only started its first operations in 2008 due to lack of land and startup capital to kick off their activities.

The cooperative starts with mixing the river sand, building sand and cement to produce the bricks. A conveyor belt adds the mixture to a machine, which pours a measured amount of mixture into a form. The form is vibrated to remove bubbles, after which it is raised to reveal the wet bricks, spaced out on a pallet then they are carried to the brickyard for drying.The cooperative makes four types of bricks, hollow bricks used to build homes and walls, maxi bricks which are used mainly for RDP houses and stock brick and paving bricks used for paving on the roads. Currently Tfutfukani Bricks Cooperative makes about 10 000 bricks daily which are SABS approved.